The Investment Scoop
for the course that will literally change your life:

One-Time Payment


  • 12 video modules designed to add vitality and meaning to your life
  • Downloadable worksheets for reflection within each module
  • A bonus one-on-one coaching session with Jodi to maximize your game plan

4 Monthly Payments

$175 per month

  • Same life-enhancing course... just breathing a bit on the cash flow situation
  • Four monthly payments over the 12 weeks of the course
  • Get ready to come alive

Course + Coaching

$625 per month

  • Same amazing course, with a total of FIVE 1:1 coaching sessions with Jodi
  • Get laser focused on the life you want and be held accountable to living it
  • Totally transformative + fun


I really credit this course with clearing the cobwebs from the view of my life, and uncovering a layer of meaning and purpose that was wholly missing from my thinking patterns. Realizing there is a deadline to achieve my dreams is incredibly powerful. This is the reminder I needed that fulfillment rests squarely in my hands. It's good to have a mental re-organization of sorts. I now feel more like the CEO of my life instead of an on-looker.


I was blown away by this program. I'm all about personal growth and thought I had been there, done that with other courses, but this program stands out. It's the right balance of being educational and entertaining, it's thorough and organized, and it's motivating. I think of one aspect or another of the program every single day (not an exaggeration) and have recommended it to friends. I'm living my life differently because of this experience.